The ways to transport your Isup

Since paddle boards are so large, getting your SUP to the local beach or your next travel destination can be a difficult task. Here are some tips to help make it easier.
  • Shoulder Carry – With the paddle in one hand, lift the board from the tail with the nose on the ground. Walk to the center of the board and shift the board’s weight back to balance on your head. You can then shift the board over to balance on your shoulder. To lay the board back down, just follow the steps in reverse order.
  • Handle Carry – The carry handle is a small handle installed at the center point of our boards so you can carry it to and from the water simply. Just lift the board by its handle and go.
  • Car Racks – Paddle boards can be strapped on any vehicle with car racks. Most surfboard soft racks will fit a paddle board. Or, if your vehicle already has an existing rack system, you can simply use straps to tie down the boards to the existing hard rack. Some racks even having locking devices to protect you boards from theft. Many people just throw a towel on top of the car and run straps through the doors.
  • Air Travel – For airplane travel, many companies make paddle board travel bags to carry your paddle board. These are typically padded, but it’s always recommended to add some extra padding of your own (such as towels or bubble wrap.) Also, keep in mind surfboard and paddle board charges of your airline before you book your ticket. Here is a breakdown of board bag charges by airline.
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